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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1912 - Stockholm

The 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden

May 5 - July 22, 1912
Mascot - none
28 countries, 2547 athletes (57 women)
13 sports, 101 events
Opening - King Gustav V of Sweden
Torch lit by - none
Candidates: Berlin, Milan, Rome
Man of many talents: the athlete named Shining Path amazed the crowds with his strength and versatility in Stockholm. However, Jim Thorpe would end his career in tragic circumstances before finally being restored, posthumously, to his former Olympic glory.
The Games begin to progress
In 1912 the Stockholm Games at last gave Pierre de Coubertin something to smile about. Not only had they become a universal event - for the first time the five continents were represented (around 2,500 athletes from 28 countries) - but they were also staged over a shorter time period (May 5 - July 22) and independent of any commercial exhibition.
Four personalities marked these Games - America's Ralph Craig, winner of the 100m and 200m, Finland's Hannes Kolehmainen, the triple cross country champion, the Hawaiian Paoa Duke Kahanamoku, inaugurator of the crawl in swimming, and the American Indian from Irish descent, Jim Thorpe, who was later found guilty of having made money from baseball before the Games and thus banished as an Olympic competitor, and forced to return his medals. Cleared of the charge 70 years later, the IOC granted him posthumous gold medals for his previous spectacular wins in the pentathlon and decathlon.
Once again there was drama in the marathon. Under a leaden sky 21-year-old Francisco Lazaro of Portugal fell victim to the heat. He collapsed and died the next day in hospital.
The 1912 Olympics at Stockholm were known as the "Swedish Masterpiece" because they were so well organized. Avery Brundage, IOC president from 1952 to 1972, described these Games: "The efficiency and almost mathematical precision with which the events were handled and the formal correctness of the arrangements made a great impression on me."*
The Games also benefited from the use of electric timing devices and a public address system which were first used at these Olympic Games.
Jim Thorpe and Hannes Kolehmainen made a big impression during the 1912 Olympics. Jim Thorpe, a Native American from the U.S., overwhelmingly won both the pentathlon and the decathlon - an amazing feat. King Gustav said to Thorpe, "You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world." Thorpe answered, "Thanks, King." Finland's Hannes Kolehmainen, one of the "Flying Finns," won three gold medals from the 5,000-meter race (made world record time), the 10,000-meter race, and the 8,000-meter cross-country run.
Approximately 2,500 athletes attended these Games, representing 28 countries.
* Avery Brundage as quote in Allen Guttmann, The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games (Chaxicago: University of Illinois Press, 1992) 32.

87 Men, 5 Women, 9 Open Events

100m: Ralph Craig, USA
200m: Ralph Craig, USA
400m: Charles Reidpath, USA
800m: Ted Meredith, USA
1500m: Arnold Jackson, GBR
5000m: Hannes Kolehmainen, Finland
10000m: Hannes Kolehmainen, Finland
110m Hurdles: Fred Kelly, USA
3000m Team Race: United States
4x100m: Great Britain
4x400m: United States
10km Walk: George Goulding, Canada
Cross Country: Hannes Kolehmainen, Finland
Cross Country Team: Sweden
Marathon: Ken McArthur, South Africa
Pentathlon: James Thorpe, USA*
Decathlon: James Thorpe, USA*
Discus: Armas Taipale, Finland
Discus Both Hands: Armas Taipale, Finland
Hammer: Matt McGrath, USA
High Jump: Alma Richards, USA
Javelin: Eric Lemming, Sweden
Javelin Both Hands: Juho Saaristo, Finland
Long Jump: Albert Gutterson, USA
Pole Vault: Harry Babcock, USA
Shot Put: Patrick McDonald, USA
Shot Put Both Hands: Ralph Rose, USA
Triple Jump: Gustaf Lindblorn, Sweden
Standing High Jump: Platt Adams, USA
Standing Long Jump: Konstantin Tsiklitiras, Greece
Tug-of-War Team: Sweden

Road Race: Rudolph Lewis, South Africa
Team Road Race: Sweden

Individual Dressage: Carl Bonde, Sweden
Individual Jumping: Jean Cariou, France
Individual 3-Day Event: Axel Nordlander, Sweden
Team Jumping: Sweden
Team 3-Day Event: Sweden

Individual Epee: Paul Anspach, Belgium
Individual Foil: Nedo Nadi, Italy
Individual Sabre: Jeno Fuchs, Hungary
Team Epee: Belgium
Team Sabre: Hungary

Team, men: Great Britain

Individual All-around: Alberto Braglia, Italy
Team: Italy
Team-Free System: Norway
Team-Swedish System: Sweden

Individual: Gosta Lilliehook, Sweden

Single Sculls: William Kinnear, GBR
Coxed Fours: Germany
Coxed Fours (Inriggers): Denmark
Eight: Great Britain

6m Class: France
8m Class: Norway
10m Class: Sweden
12m Class: Norway

25m Rapid Fire Pistol: Alfred Lane, USA
25m SB Rifle Team: Sweden
25m SB Rifle Disappearing Target: Vilhelm Carlbert, Sweden
30m Military Revolver Team: Sweden
50m Free Pistol: Alfred Lane, United States
50m Military Revolver Team: United States
50m SB Rifle any pos: Frederick Hird, USA
50m SB Rifle Team: Great Britain
100m Running Deer Single: Alfred Swahn, Sweden
Team: Sweden
100m Running Deer Double: Ake Lundeberg, Sweden
300m Free Rifle 3x40: Paul Colas, France
300m Free Rifle Team: Sweden
300m Military Rifle 3x40: Sandor Prokopp, Hungary
600m Military Rifle any pos: Paul Colas, France
Military Rifle Team: United States
Trap: James Graham, USA
Trap Team: United States

M\100m Freestyle: Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, USA
M\400m Freestyle: George Hodgson, Canada
M\1500m Freestyle: George Hodgson, Canada
M\100m Backstroke: Harry Hebner, USA
M\200m Breaststroke: Walter Bathe, Germany
M\400m Breaststroke: Walter Bathe, Germany
M\4x200m Freestyle Relay: Australasia (AUS/NZL)
M\10m Platform: Erik Alderz, Sweden
M\3m Springboard: Paul Gunther, Germanny
M\Plain High Diving: Erik Alderz, Sweden
M\Water Polo: Great Britain
W\100m Freestyle: Fanny Durack, ANZ
W\4x100m Freestyle Relay: Great Britain
W\10m Platform: Greta Johansson, Sweden

M/Singles: Charles Winslow, RSA
M/Singles Indoor: Andre Gobert, FRA
M/Doubles: Charles Winslow & Harold Kitson, RSA
M/Doubles Indoor: Andre Gobert & Maurice Germot, FRA
W/Singles: Marguerite Broquedis, FRA
W/Singles Indoor: Edith Hannam, GBR
Mixed Doubles: Dora Koring & Heinrich Schomburgk, Germany
Mixed Doubles Indoor: Charles Dixon & Edith Hannam, GBR

60kg: Kaarlo Koskelo, Finland
67.5kg: Emil Vare, Finland
75kg: Claes Johanson, Sweden
+82kg: Yrjo Saarela, Finland