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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1928 - Amsterdam

The 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 17 - August 12, 1928
Mascot - none
46 countries, 3014 athletes (290 women)
14 sports (hockey added / tennis, polo, rugby & shooting dropped), 109 events
Opening - Prince Hendrik of Mecklenburg
Torch lit by - none
Candidates: Los Angeles
Amsterdam - burning brightly

Amsterdam hosted the Olympic Games from May 17 to August 12, made possible thanks to public support as the Queen of the Netherlands Wilhelmine was against the event, considering it a "demonstration of paganism".
For the first time the Olympic flame lit up the stadium night and day but Queen Wilhelmine refused to attend the opening ceremony. The 9th Olympiad in Amsterdam was noted not only for the appearance of the olympic flame, but for the appearance of women in athletics events (100m, 800m, 4x100m relay, the high jump and the discus) - despite recommendations to the contrary by Baron de Coubertin.
Germany, enforced absentees during the Games in 1920 and 1924, made up part of the 3,000 athletes from 46 countries. Flying Finn Paavo Nurmi harvested more medals, Canada's Percy Williams surprised in the 100 and 200m and the Franco-Algerian Boughera El Ouafi won the marathon. Despite the addition of two countries since the Games of 1924, Amsterdam failed to produce a true Olympic star.
They did, however, reconfirm the superiority of Paavo Nurmi, who won three medals, including a gold in the 10,000m. Nurmi failed to grab all gold - falling to compatriots Loukola in the 3000m steeple, and Ritola in the 5000m. American swimmer Johnny Weissmuller was another star of the Games - and added to his medal tally (five in total between 1924 and 1928) before heading for the bright lights of Hollywood and a career as Tarzan, Lord of the jungle in 1930.
Young Canadian athlete, Percy Williams, was among a number of competitors to make an impression in Amsterdam - with victories in the 100m and 200m. The Finn, Harri Larva, successfully completed an epic duel with France's Jules Ladoumegue in the 1500m, while the historic success of little Mohammed Boughera El Ouafi in the marathon left a memorable impression. Originally from Algeria, he gave France an unanticipated gold medal and was the only African at that time to have won a medal in athletics.
Pierre de Coubertin finally ended his connection with the Games. He played no part in the organization of the Amsterdam Olympiad.

87 Men, 14 Women, 8 Open Events
9 events added; 1 sport added - Hockey, Women's Athletics/Gymnastics introduced
4 sports removed (17) - Polo (1), Rugby (1), Shooting (10), Tennis (5)
9 more events removed (5 Athletics, 1 Cycling, 1 Diving, 2 Gymnastics)
100m: Percy Williams, Canada
200m: Percy Williams, Canada
400m: Ray Barbuti, USA
800m: Douglas Lowe, Great Britain
1500m: Harri Larva, Finland
5000m: Ville Ritola, Finland
10000m: Paavo Nurmi, Finland
110m Hurdles: Sid Atkinson, South Africa
400m Hurdles: David Burghley, Great Britain
4x100m: United States
4x400m: United States
3000m Steeplechase: Toivo Loukola, Finland
Marathon: Boughera El Ouafi, France
Decathlon: Paavo Yrjola, Finland
Discus Throw: Bud Houser, USA
Hammer Throw: Pat O'Callaghan, Ireland
High Jump: Bob King, USA
Javelin Throw: Erik Lundqvist, Sweden
Long Jump: Ed Hamm, USA
Pole Vault: Sabin Carr, USA
Shot Put: John Kuck, USA
Triple Jump: Mikio Oda, Japan
100m: Betty Robinson, USA
800m: Lia Radke, Germany
4x100m: Canada
Discus Throw: Halina Konopacka, Poland
High Jump: Ethel Catherwood, Canada
50.8kg: Antal Kocsis, Hungary
53.5kg: Vittorio Tamagnini, Italy
57.2kg: Bep Van Klaveren, Netherlands
61.2kg: Carlo Orandi, Italy
66.7kg: Edward Morgan, New Zealand
72.6kg: Piero Toscani, Italy
79.4kg: Victor Avendano, Argentina
79.4kg+: Arturo Rodriguez Jurado, Argentina
Road Race: Henry Hansen, Denmark
Team Road Race: Denmark
1km Time Trial: Willy Falck Hansen, Denmark
2000m Tandem Sprint: Benard Leene/Daan van Dijk, NED
Sprint: Roger Beaufrand, France
Team Pursuit: Italy
Ind. Dressage: Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Langen-Parow, GER
Ind. Jumping: Frantisek Ventura, Yugoslavia
Ind. 3-day Event: Charles Pahud de Mortanges, Netherlands
Team Dressage: Germany
Team Jumping: Spain
Team 3-day Event: Netherlands
M\Ind. Foil: Lucien Gaudin, France
M\Ind. Epee: Lucien Gaudin, France
M\Ind. Sabre: Odon Terstyanszky, Hungary
M\Team Foil: Italy
M\Team Epee: Italy
M\Team Sabre: Hungary
W\Ind. Foil: Helene Mayer, Germany
Team, men: Uruguay
M\Horizontal Bar: Georges Miez, Switzerland
M\Parallel Bars: Ladislav Vacha, Czechoslovakia
M\Pommel Horse: Hermann Hanggi, Switzerland
M\Rings: Leon Stukelj, Yugoslavia
M\Vault: Eugen Mack, Switzerland
M\Individual All-Around: Georges Miez, Switzerland
M\Team: Switzerland
W\Team: Netherlands
Team, men: India
Individual: Sven Thofelt, Sweden
Single Sculls: Henry Pearce, Australia
Double Sculls: Charles McIlvaine/Paul Costello, USA
Coxed Pair: Switzerland
Coxless Pair: Bruno Muller/Kurt Moschter, Germany
Coxed Four: Italy
Coxless Four: Great Britain
Eight: United States
X\6m Class: Norway
X\8m Class: France
M\Finn: Sven Thorell, Sweden
M\100m Freestyle: Johnny Weissmuller, USA
M\400m Freestyle: Alberto Zorrilla, Argentina
M\1500m Freestyle: Arne Borg, Sweden
M\100m Backstroke: George Kojac, USA
M\200m Breaststroke: Yoshiyuki Tsuruta, Japan
M\4x200m Freestyle Relay: United States
M\3m Springboard: Pete Desjardins, USA
M\10m Platform: Pete Desjardins, USA
W\100m Freestyle: Albina Osipowich, USA
W\400m Freestyle: Martha Norelius, USA
W\100m Backstroke: Marie Braun, Netherlands
W\200m Breaststroke: Hidle Schrader, Germany
W\4x100m Freestyle Relay: United States
W\3m Springboard: Helen Meany, USA
W\10m Platform: Elizabeth Becker, USA
60kg: Franz Andrysek, Austria
67.5kg: Kurt Helbig, GER & Hans Haas, AUT (tie)
75kg: Roger Francois, France
82.5kg: Sayed Nosseir, Egypt
82.5kg+: Josef Strassberger, Germany
56kg: Kaarlo Edvin Makinen, Finland
61kg: allie Roy Morrison, USA
66kg: Oswald Kapp, Estonia
72kg: Arvo Haavisto, Finland
79kg: Ernst Kyburz, Switzerland
87kg: Thure Sjoested, Sweden
87kg+: Johan Cornelis Richthoff, Sweden
58kg: Kurt Leucht, Germany
62kg: Voldemar Vali, Estonia
67.5kg: Lajos Keresztes, Hungary
75kg: Valno Anselmi Kokkinen, Finland
82.5kg: Ibrahim Moustafa, Egypt
82.5kg+: Rudolf Svensson, Sweden