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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1932 - Los Angeles

The 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, United States

July 30 - August 14, 1932
Mascot - none
37 countries, 1408 athletes (127 women)
14 sports (shooting added, football dropped), 116 events
Opening - Vice-president Charles Curtis (USA)
Torch lit by - none
Candidates: none

Los Angeles and the Coliseum witnessed renewed Olympic fervor, and the introduction of photo-finishes, podiums and electronic timing. The Olympic village was set in exquisite surroundings near Hollywood, and the Games were attended by many of the era's big movie stars.
Los Angeles - the American way
The financial crisis which prompted the stock exchange crash of 1929 did not truly affect the success of the 1932 Games, held in Los Angeles between July 30 and August 14. This 10th Olympiad was held a couple of paces from Hollywood, with Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper, and Douglas Fairbanks taking their seats among the spectators.
In "their" 105,000-seater Coliseum stadium the American athletes, including Mildred "Babe" Didriksen, winner of the 80m hurdles, javelin and runner-up in the high jump, had plenty to cheer about. But in swimming it was the Japanese who dominated, winning five out of six titles. In total the United States annexed 103 medals, with 41 golds, ahead of Italy (36, 12 gold), France (19, 10 gold) and Sweden (23, 9 gold).
The Olympic village only welcomed 1,300 competitors (women were put up in a hotel) from 37 countries, including newcomers China. The number of sports was reduced to 14 and participation was restricted to three athletes per country in each discipline.
These Games witnessed the introduction of electronic timing and photo-finishes, as well as the appearance of the first three athletes on a podium with the playing of the winner's national anthem. Held in the middle of the prohibition era, an exception was made for the French and Italians who argued that wine formed an integral part of their training diet.
Two athletic greats - France's Jules Ladoumeque and Finland's Paavo Nurmi - were accused of professionalism and were banned from staying in California.

94 Men, 14 Women, 8 Open Events
11 new events; New sport - Shooting
4 events removed (1 Athletics, 1 Equestrian, 1 Football, 1 Gymnastics); Removed sport - Football
100m: Eddie Tolan, USA
200m: Eddie Tolan, USA
400m: Bill Carr, USA
800m: Tom Hampson, Great Britain
1500m: Luigi Beccali, Italy
5000m: Lauri Lehtinen, Finland
10000m: Janusz Kusoczinski, Poland
4x100m: United States
4x400m: Untied States
110m Hurdles: George Saling, USA
400m Hurdles: Bob Tisdall, Ireland
50km Walk: Tommy Green, Great Britain
3000m Steeplechase: Volmari Iso-Hollo, Finland
Marathon: Juan Carlos Zabala, Argentina
Discus Throw: John Anderson, USA
Hammer Throw: Pat O'Callaghan, Ireland
High Jump: Duncan McNaughton, Canada
Javelin Throw: Matti Jarvinen, Finland
Long Jump: Ed Gordon, USA
Pole Vault: Bill Miller, USA
Shot Put: Leo Sexton, USA
Triple Jump: Chuhei Nambu, Japan
Decathlon: Jim Bausch, USA
100m: Stanislawa Walasiewicz, Poland
4x100m: United States
80m Hurdles: Mildred Didrikson, USA
Discus Throw: Lillian Copeland, USA
High Jump: Jean Shiley, USA
Javelin Throw: Mildred Didrikson, USA
50.8kg: Istvan Enekes, Hungary
53.5kg: Horace Gwynne, Canada
57.2kg: Carmelo Robledo, Argentina
61.2kg: Lawrence Stevens, South Africa
66.7kg: Edward Flynn, USA
72.6kg: Carmen Barth, USA
79.4kg: David Carstens, South Africa
79.4+kg: Santiago Lovell, Argentina
Road Race: Attilio Pavesi, Italy
Team Road Race: Italy
1km Time Trial: Edgar Laurence Gray, Australia
2000m Tandem sprint: Louis Chaillot/Maurice Perrin, France
Sprint: Jacobus van Egmond, Netherlands
Team Pursuit: Italy
Individual Dressage: Xavier Lesage, France
Individual Jumping: Takeichi Nishi, Japan
Individual 3-Day Event: Charles Pahud de Mortanges, NED
Team Dressage: France
Team 3-Day Event: United States
M\Individual Epee: Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici, Italy
M\Individual Foil: Gustavo Marzi, Italy
M\Individual Sabre: Gyorgy Piller, Hungary
M\Team Epee: France
M\Team Foil: France
M\Team Sabre: Hungary
W\Individual Foil: Ellen Preis, Austria
Club Swinging: George Roth, USA
Floor Exercise: Istvan Pelle, Hungary
Horizontal Bar: Dallas Bixler, USA
Parallel Bars: Romeo Neri, Italy
Pommel Horse: Istvan Pelle, Hungary
Rings: George Gulack, USA
Rope Climbing: Raymond Bass, USA
Tumbling: Rowland Wolfe, USA
Vault: Savino Guglielmetti, Italy
Individual All-Around: Romeo Neri, Italy
Team: Italy
Team, men: India
Individual: Johan Oxenstierna, Sweden
Single Sculls: Henry Pearce, Australia
Double Sculls: Kenneth Myers/William Gilmore, USA
Coxless Pair: Hugh Edwards/Lewis Clive, Great Britain
Coxed Pair: United States
Coxless Four: Great Britain
Coxed Four: Germany
Eight: United States
X\6m Class: Sweden
X\8m Class: United States
X\Star: United States
M\Finn: Jacques Lebrun, France
25m Rapid Fire Pistol: Renzo Morigi, Italy
50m Small-Bore Rifle prone: Bertil Ronnmark, Sweden
100m Freestyle: Yasuji Miyazaki, Japan
400m Freestyle: Clarence Crabbe, USA
1500m Freestyle: Kusuo Kitamura, Japan
100m Backstroke: Masaji Kiyokawa, Japan
200m Breaststroke: Yoshiyuki Tsuruta, Japan
4x200m Freestyle Relay: Japan
3m Springboard: Michael Galitzen, USA
10m Platform: Harold Smith, USA
100m Freestyle: Helene Madison, USA
400m Freestyle: Helene Madison, USA
100m Backstroke: Eleanor Holm, USA
200m Breaststroke: Clare Dennis, Australia
4x100m Freestyle Relay: United States
3m Springboard: Georgia Coleman, USA
10m Platform: Dorothy Poynton, USA
60kg: Raymond Suvigny, France
67.5kg: Rene Duverger, France
75kg: Rudolf Ismayr, Germany
82.5kg: Louis Hostin, France
82.5+kg: Jaroslav Skobla, Czechoslovakia
56kg: Robert Edward Pearce, USA
61kg: Hermanni Pihlajamaki, Finland
66kg: Charles Pacome, France
72kg: Jack Francis van Bebber, USA
79kg: Ivar Johansson, Sweden
87kg: Peter Joseph Mehringer, USA
87+kg: Johan Cornelius Richthoff, Sweden
56kg: Jakob Brendel, Germany
61kg: Giovanni Gozzi, Italy
66kg: Erik Malmberg, Sweden
72kg: Ivar Johansson, Sweden
79kg: Valno Anselmi Kokkinen, Finland
87kg: Rudolf Svensson, Sweden
87+kg: Carl Oscar Westergren, Sweden